Choir info................

The choir rehearses weekly on Wednesday evenings at 8pm in the Wesley Hall at Falmouth Methodist Church on The Moor. The choir meets weekly except for 2 weeks at Easter, May Half term, 4 or 5 weeks in August, October half term and two weeks at Christmas.


Choir subs are £5.00 per week paid for every week that the choir meets (approx. 40/41 weeks per year). All choir members receive 4 "free" weeks each year which, in effect, reduces the weekly cost to £4.50 per week, spreead over the whole year.  In the case of serious illness for a long period of time, membership can be put on hold.


In the case of serious financial problems due to unemployment, illness or disability, it may be possible to be awarded a bursary to cover your choir fees during a difficult period. Nobody needs to be deterred from joining the choir due to lack of finances!


Choir subs cover the cost of paying a professional accompanist, room and hall hire, public liability insurance, sheet music and files and other day to day running costs of Neil's choirs! Oh................... and also paying Neil's own salary, putting a roof over his head and feeding/clothing his wife and family!